Monday, 15 April 2013

Medifast Diet For Diabetic Persons

Medifast diets have been found to be like godsend for hundreds of thousands of people around the globe. Are you too frustrated with the excess weight you carry around? As if this was not complicated enough, are you diabetic as well? Ok so I suppose you would find this article of good use.

Diabetes is known to stay with the unfortunate ones, for long, painfully long. It compels one to change her / his lifestyle and the compulsions with the food can affect one’s social life critically. Having diabetes means the individual’s body fails to produce the essential quantity of insulin and that plays truant with the blood sugar levels in the body. More often than not, this shows up with an alarming increase in the weight of the individual. Prescription medicines from your diabetologist are usually quite expensive and require incessant monitoring.

If you have not been able to spare time for workouts at a gym or cook yourself food that is low in calories, carbs and fat, and you have a made-up mind to try out an alternative, then you must consider the Medifast weight management & meal replacement programme and seek to address the dual problem of obesity as well as diabetes.

Stepping into the programme would mean following a regime different from the one that you and or family follow. The programme pursues a five prepackaged meal plan. It prescribes an additional meal that you make on your own and that would be a lean & green meal. It is supposed to fulfill the daily vitamin and protein requirements and would therefore consist of three servings of vegetables, fruits and lean white meat such as chicken and or seafood. Vegetables high in starch and sugars and beef and pork find little or no place in the diet programme; this could mean you need to avoid corn, peas and onions, at least until you meet your weight loss objective. Collard greens, lettuce, spinach etc are some of the prescribed low glycemic vegetables. This measure helps with a jumpstart with an expedited fat burning phase. You may resume these when beginning the maintenance phase though. So you follow this programme and forego all that you have been used to all through your life. Medifast diets are made up of pre-prepared stews, soups and puddings to serve your lunch & dinners. For snack times, it offers varieties such as chocolate drinks, oat recipes, food bars. The idea is to replace your diets with a balanced one that takes complete care of one’s health as well as the palate. The plans are scientifically proven to cut down hunger pangs at various times of the day that plague us all with adverse effects riding piggyback.

Shedding weight in the case of diabetics has been found to be extremely difficult if not impossible. The favorable and proven effects from none other than John Hopkins have found physicians prescribing Medifast meal programme to their patients, many of whom are diabetic. These are also known to be free of causing any side effects on the health of individuals. If being healthy means defending the arteries from its arch enemy in the form of calories, and thereby be safe from stroke and hypertension, many people would love to try it out. Blood sugar levels tend to behave in the case of diabetics, when her / his caloric carbohydrates, protein and sugar intake is regulated from being profuse with help coming from Medifast’s carefully researched and designed formula diets. The researches confirm that while losing calories, in a measured way, with each passing day, you do not lose muscle mass. Cool! No other solution in the market has found support from various quarters of this magnitude.

The results also establish the beneficial effects on people afflicted of Type 2 diabetes who have lost mind blowing number of pounds – up to twice in comparison to other recommended food guidelines. The delightful news is that likelihood of continuing with the diets are double. The icing on the cake is the high possibility of discontinuing with diabetes prescription altogether.

All the diabetics who wish to bring change in their miserable life style must examine the Medifast way after a thorough consultation with their diabetologist and look forward to a more joyous life.

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