Sunday, 7 April 2013

How I Overcame My Obesity By Medifast Diet

I was only 27 and I could see my life coming to an end.  Whenever I saw such a huge mass of my body, I became so miserable, tired and exhausted.   Hopes were fading and days kept getting longer and longer leaving me drink last drops of it.  When I saw my friends full of life and vigor, I thought I couldn’t carry on any longer.   Despite the fact, I could have mustered my strength to fight back and revived my fading hope of regaining my lost status, had there been positive results trickled down even slowly from all that I followed and practiced so religiously.   In those days of my struggle without end, I was introduced to the name of Medifast by one of my good friends.  And, as if a drowning man catches at a straw, though I was undecided whether to go with the new plan or to resign to my fate and silently bear all that pain and agony, half heartedly I took a step forward in the path I was led.  For the first time, when I heard about Medifast and its famous 5 & 1 meal replacement plan along with its as many as 70 great shakes and soups, I became bit suspicious of its effectiveness and efficiency as a diet program to fight against overweight and obesity.  In simple words, it occurred to me that if I ate so many delicious meals and tasty nutritious shakes, how I could shed those extra pounds, and hence the fear.   

                                                Anyway, hoping against the hope, finally I decided to go with Medifast diets after a much persuasion and careful verification of facts, figures and witnesses about the program and its practicability in life.  As it happens with any authentic, genuine and proven thing; soon all my doubts and suspicions turned into a strong belief and lifelong practice.  Now, I am a great fan of Medifast and all its meal plans, shakes and recipes.  I have heard friends turn into foes, but, here it is just the opposite, a doubter into an enlightened follower.  Anyhow, it is said, all well that ends well!  Now I am a much happier and more contented man with all my worries and concerns gone.  As regards the results, if I testify about my own self, you may not accept the fact and believe me.  Instead, ask any of my diehard opponents who used to count my days of life and shake their heads at my fate, they can speak for the health and fitness now I enjoy.  When I myself a much surprised man, there is little doubt about my opponents getting shocked and taken unawares at the progress I made with Medifast diet in such a limited time.
                                               However, much of this credit goes to Medifast which made it possible through its wonderful meal replacement plans and great nutritious shakes.  Much of the wonder is done by the Medifast 5 and 1 meal plan.  How great it is to lose weight while keep eating sumptuous meals throughout the day!   But, this is how Medifast diet plans lead its clients to the path of success and glory.  Medifast believes dieting does not need to be complicated and accordingly advises its clients not to get involved in the details of the planning and the dieting.  It only makes it sure that dieters consume healthy balanced and complete diet.  Hence dieting has to be stress free and simple.  Just relax and wait for the wonders and surprises.  However, the secret of Medifast meal plans is that they are clinically proven and carefully designed which also include one lean and green meal every day without losing any food and taste essentials.

                                               It would be injustice to think Medifast without its popular shakes it is famously known for.  There are lots of shakes to choose from to quench your thirst and dry mouth.  There are the ready to drink shakes.  If you are diabetic but can’t tolerate gluten, don’t worry; Medifast has also options for you.  These 70 shakes are really great; pretty tasty, convenient and filling.  In addition to these, you can also have varieties of soups like chicken and rice, chicken noodle, cream of tomato, chili and what not.  Medifast has everything for everyone.  Open your mouth wide and Medifast will fill it, and you can be their great preacher like me.  This is all about how I overcame my obesity by Medifast Diet.

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