Sunday, 24 March 2013

Ample And Compelling Reasons To Go For Medifast Diet

Ever since I realized that I was putting on excess weight, I had been desperately trying different weight loss programs one after another but to no avail.  In the initial days, I frantically read a lot of weight loss tips and tricks for men and women, young and old, professional and business people etc. to gain knowledge and find a suitable way out for the stifling state of my health and fitness.  The so called weight loss experts and gurus who love to write volumes, talkhighly of their weird and bizarre ideas and promise quick solutions; could not meet my requirements and mitigate my misery, instead left me much confounded and confused.  Just as they are known for, they love to prescribe long lists of dos and don’ts as if their clients were straight from army schools and follow their dictates in letter and spirit.  If some claim magical 30 second weight loss tricks, others provide impressive 100 weight loss tips; and if one program underscores calorie counting as secrete of weight loss, other one the strict exercise regimen.   In such chaotic mixture of disagreeable sounds, it was obvious and natural for me to be a much confused and wretched man till I came across Medifast, a true name to reckon with and come out of the mire called Overweight. 

Once bitten twice shy, I will never repeat the mistake and go with all those ineffective weight loss programs or fraudulent business schemes.  Instead, I should continue with Medifast Diet program as I have not only found the program very persuading, convincing and compelling but also very effective in shedding those extra pounds in a much quicker time than I had expected.  Unlike those weightless diet plans being marketed today, Medifast meals plans are nutrient-dense and properly proportioned with the right amount of carbohydrates, fat, protein, minerals and vitamins.  That is why over 20,000 doctors all over the world have confidently been prescribing the Medifast since 1980 as healthy diet plan to their clients.  Ask any of those over 1 million contented Medifast fans, they will explain you how much delicious and healthy their meals are.  When you have such an excellent meal replacement diet where the calories are already counted and measured in the best way to lose weight as quickly as possible, there is no need to worry about anything; how to find something healthy and nutritious to eat.

There are quite a few reasons as to why I should go for Medifast diet.  Since, my primary goal is to send forth those extra pounds that used to hound my mind day in day out, I appreciate Medifast’s 5 plus 1 plan for it has  helped me lose 2 to 5 pounds a week or conversely as high as 20 pounds in one month.  If you are one like me, this will be a life changing experience for you.  Now, you need not count this or measure that, as an alternative you can begin your weight loss journey without compromising your taste and preference thanks to the delicious dishes Medifast has to offer, which you can order online right from the comforts of your home and not surprisingly your meals are delivered right at the door step.
Besides this famous 5 plus 1 plan, you can find Medifast offering nutritional bars, shakes, and snacks loaded with required fat, calories and carbs much to your pleasant taste.  Medifast dishes also include delicious soups, puddings, tasty brownies etc which are enriched with balanced minerals and nutrients.  You will also find scrambled eggs, diet shakes, pretzels, energy drinks etc to supplement other meals so that you will not miss any essential nutrient like carbohydrates, fat, protein, minerals and vitamins. 

Another important advantage to Medifast diet is the convenience of the prepackaged meals.  There is no reason to shop for food and cook meals every day when you can sign up for the Medifast diet plan and have everything premade and delivered directly to your home.  Moreover, the cost of Medifast diet is wonderfully cheap if order in bulk.  As you know, the times are tough and the economy is bad; it is wise to avail of the attractive medifast coupons and coupon codes to beat the price line.  If you consider the advantages of Medifast diet plans, I am sure; you can find them unbeatable at the present scenario. 

Thursday, 21 March 2013

The Secrets Of Success For Urgent Care Centers

Unlike a family General Practitioner (GP), a walk-in clinic is available to provide medical services when you actually need them. We are certainly not talking about life threatening conditions as for those you should rush to the nearest medical facility providing emergency services. Scheduled medical consulting is another matter entirely perhaps best suited for consultations of a chronic problem. During this type of treatment, a specialist has to study the patient consistently over many weeks and months to monitor their health and ever changing prescriptions.

We’re going to focus on urgent medical care services, which is the delivery of walk-in care in a medical facility outside of a regular hospital. Of late, urgent care centers have been opening all across the country in convenient spots around your city and town. Most likely, you will be able to find one located within a few miles of you. So there is no need to panic and feel that you have to head to an ER for every medical issue. For treating minor ailments or issues, the ER can be too crowded, the possibility of catching a contagious disease looms high and to top it off, you will likely wait for quite a while as patients with medical emergencies are treated first.

Most urgent care clinics are open 7 days a week and they typically are open after normal business hours, with some even open 24 hours a day. Often GP’s or dentists or cardiologists are single person teams and they just physically cannot be expected to provide such continuous hours of service. Such practitioners tend to keep a long list of clientele who get served by an appointment system, which can make it difficult to get in quickly. Contrast this to the urgent care center model, which offers physicians during all hours the center is open. In effect, such centers provide same the same services as a family or primary medical care doctor, but with the difference of being cheaper and quicker. Depending on the location, these centers can offer services like general medical care, occupational medicine, x-ray’s, lab tests, vaccines, school and sports physicals and on-site pharmacies to receive prescriptions quickly.

There are numerous situations where you may have a medical problem but your family GP’s offices are not open or you’d have to wait too long to get an appointment. What would you do if you had abdominal pain? What would you do if your young daughter fell off her bicycle and has a deep cut on the knees and scratches on her arms? These are examples of situations where perhaps an urgent care center would be your best option to receive quick and effective medical aid. Since these centers do not cater to serious ailments, the length of consultations are typically short, which translates into shorter wait times, especially when compared with an ER. The physicians are experienced and place a premium on customer satisfaction, striving to give the appropriate attention to each and every patient. They know how much you value your health and time and they endeavor to make sure you get the best professional treatment available. They offer individualized care and try to make you feel valuable and comfortable, which is quite underrated when you’re not feeling well!

Due to the local nature of its operation, an urgent medical care center allows you the opportunity to gain a sense of confidence and faith in a doctor. You can build a relationship with a doctor in your community, for any frequent minor conditions. Colds, rashes, urinary tract infections or similar ailments, sprains, and stitches are taken care of swiftly, cases are reviewed, x-rayed, bruises disinfected, cuts sewn or dressed up, and before you know it, you are back in your bed in your cozy home, relaxing. That’s the key benefit that ultimately has determined the success of urgent care centers. Their focus on minor conditions means patients are treated promptly and thus don’t clog up resources at an ER that could better be served treating needier patients.  The urgent care model means patients are treated on a first come first served basis.  This means there can be a wait, but a wait of 20-30 minutes is relatively minor if it means getting treatment for a nagging problem and being able to get back to work or play quickly. 

Another advantage of urgent care centers that doesn’t get much attention is the cost of treatment.   When compared to other sources for such services, such as an ER or even a family doctor, urgent care centers are typically the cheapest of all options. This is yet another reason that urgent care centers have become so successful and well-liked by people looking for alternative solutions to deal with minor conditions.