Monday, 18 February 2013

Weight Gain during Pregnancy and Diet Programs

If you are a mother you might be aware of the state of anxiety a pregnant mother undergoes from the day she is confirmed of her conception.  It is said anxiety often goes hand-in-hand with depression during pregnancy and postnatal period.  You may have lots of worrying thoughts and imagination if you have pregnancy related anxiety.  However, the reasons for worrying during pregnancy are not far to seek.  Pregnancy itself gives plenty to worry about.  Just think about the physical and emotional changes a pregnant woman typically experiences.  Depression and anxiety are very common among women due to these phenomenal changes.  That is why many seek help and support from the expert medical counseling.

Experts opine that anxiety and depression have some spiraling effects on the body and mind of a pregnant woman.  Due to anxiety, pregnant women experience sleeplessness.   People getting less sleep tend to have many complicacies.  They generally crave for high calorie foods and carbohydrates without having matching metabolic activities which may result in their putting more weight.  People wonder why they eat more when they are anxious or worried.  They think that food comforts them and helps them to forget the situation.  This type of situation is also common among women in pregnancy.

However, one of the marked behavioral differences noticed among the pregnant women is the change in their eating habits.  It is natural that you may need to eat more to support and supplement the requirement of your growing baby in the womb.  But, as old habits die hard, you may find it difficult to give up your preference for fast or junk foods from your daily menu and you may be eating more than the prescribed lot without your realization.  As such, it is all the more important not to give in to the temptation, instead, to start a liking for healthy choices such as fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, whole grains etc. to fight against overweight during pregnancy

As expected, this is not the only reason for weight gain among pregnant women.  We have heard doctors’ and the elderly advising the new would be moms to take enough rest.  I could remember how my mother-in-law cautioning me against doing certain type of tasks when I was expecting my first child.  How easy it is to get pampered due to spontaneous outpour of over attention, comfort and kindness one receives from the entire household.  But, take heed to yourself and keep your soul diligent and vigilant.  It is wise to spare time for brisk walking and mild exercising suitable for women in pregnancy.  Instead of lying and musing on the bed about the good times ahead, it is better to move and stay fit in body, mind and spirit. 

There are several reasons for a pregnant woman to gain weight beyond the desired level.  There may be some medical conditions like postpartum inflammation of the thyroid gland that can be responsible for undue weight gain.  But, in most other cases it is the lifestyle diseases that ensnare people especially the women folk who have little patience if anything goes wrong against their shape, size and appearance.   They will be ready to do anything to reinstate and regain their old glory.  However, like their counterparts, they also take shortcuts and join cheap quick weightloss programs which most often fail them miserably leaving them blame themselves for the hard lessons.

Though fasting, dieting and vigorous exercises are not advisable for pregnant women, there are certain diet programs which are specifically prepared and designed for pregnant women taking into account all their nutritional requirements during that period.  It is to remember that the diet you must follow during the pregnancy must be varied and complete and invariably include fresh fruits, vegetables, milk, lean meat, and fish.  The Medifast diet is one such diet programs which cater to all the dietary requirements of a woman.  The diet program works well for women.  It mainly consists of five meals and also includes self cooked foods such as lean meat, fish, salads and raw vegetables with low carbohydrates contents.  Nevertheless, it is not suitable for a pregnant woman.  It is wise to consult your doctor before going for any diet program.  

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